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16:03 19 Nov 2015 | Posted in General | 0 comments

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Very interesting video I came across regarding Facebook advertising.

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07:25 01 Jul 2015 | Posted in Gigs | 0 comments

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The guys at Sounds of Summer have been working over-time to bring some fresh events into town which has been so well supported by everyone! Tomorrow is the first "Naturally Deep" event, which is the first daytime event. That's going down at Hams Club, starting at 12. There will be crazy food and drink specials (check out the Event Page for more info)

Shisha Shack East London will also be making their first event debut, so make sure to check them out for some well stacked hubs. 

Friday night, we return to Buccs for Chunda Munki.

Loads of prizes and tickets to upcoming events will be given away. Don't miss out! ...[read more]

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20:28 02 Jun 2015 | Posted in Gigs | 0 comments

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The dudes over at  "Sounds Of Summer" have opened up the stage to YOU! That’s right, it’s your chance to share your music and talent with everyone…

The link to the event can be found below:

A quick rundown of the competition works is:

1. Make a 10 - 20 minute mix
2. Name the mix " Sounds Of Summer Comp Mix "
3. Upload it to either SoundCloud OR MixCloud
4. Share it on our page

This is your time to polish up and shine. Check out the "DJ Tips" for pointers of putting a mix together...[read more]

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15:06 02 Jun 2015 | Posted in Gigs | 0 comments

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Better late than never...

Big up to everyone that supported "DECKED OUT" last night. It was such a cool experience seeing the collaboration between the dudes from "Sounds Of Summer" and "Lazy Days." jam under one roof. Just goes to show that we all can get along!

Will see everyone at the next event which will be revealed soon.

Have a good evening :) ...[read more]

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