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DJ Tip #1: Invest In Quality Headphones

...and by quality, I don't mean "Beats By Dre", even though they do look dope as hell! I'm not going to bore you with technical specs on this one, but I'll jump straight into it.

My headphones of choice are the "Sennheiser HD25's". Besides the fact that every part of it is replaceable unlike other headphones on the market, they offer the best sound quality with no bass boosters or enhancers. They will expose flaws and let you experience the music the way the producers intended it to be.

The headphones might seem pricey at first, but for example: If your cup breaks, you just buy a new cup, instead of a whole new pair which will save you money in the long run. I have a pair from 2005 and all I've replaced is the material around the cup. These were built to last! They also offer excellent noise cancellation which will help protect your ears if you are playing at a club with excessive sound. They also double up as awesome monitors if the club doesn't have monitors for some reason. I have actually left my headphones on and not even plugged them in at some clubs because it was loud - so they act as ear plugs too if you don't own any.

Your ears are your money makers, so protect them early in the game while you can because they will take a beating through all the gigs and practice sessions and it will catch up to you before you know it.

My advice to you. Use it; don't use it! ‪#‎Jock101‬

09:47 19 Mar 2015


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