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DJ Tip #2: How to Create a Professional Sounding Demo/Mix Part 1

This is quite a broad topic, so I will definitely be covering it in more detail in future posts. For now, I'm just going to cover the basics.

First off - make sure all the songs you use are high quality MP3's. Alternatively, you can go extreme and go with WAV's, but I don't recommend that - unless hard drive space isn't an issue for you. The higher quality tracks will give you more headroom to play with, depending where you are and what system you are playing on. Rememeber: it might sound good on your hi-fi at home but it needs to sound GREAT on a big-rig club system. It's also really hard to take anyone seriously when they are playing a track that sounds as though it was recorded off a radio that wasn't tuned into the station correctly.

On that note, I've heard many DJ's that have played pre-recorded mixes/podcasts of other DJ's, but were too lazy to edit the station's drops. Don't be THAT guy! There is also no way to upscale your tracks, so forget about that option. To sum this section up - get your music legally and you won't have a quality issue.

On the topic of DJ drops - they can make your mix sound extremely professional or extremely cheesy. It's a very fine line that needs to be approached with extreme caution. I currently run a recording studio "Media 101" so if you are interested in getting some drops made, feel free to inbox me and I will assist you from there.

If you are preparing a demo for a club, it doesn't need to exceed 15 minutes. It only takes a few minutes to tell if you can mix or not. So keep it short and sweet. If you are doing a promo mix, then go wild. The time limit is up to you, but remember people's attention spans are getting worst everyday and you want to leave the listener wanting more instead of asking themselves, "When is this going to end?"

I hope this was helpful and please remember, it's MY advice to YOU. 
Use it; don't it! ‪#‎Jock101‬

10:26 31 Mar 2015


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